Note from Sertab Erener on Who’s Gonna End

Note from Sertab Erener on Who’s Gonna End

19 Kasım 2021 18:39
Note from Sertab Erener on Who’s Gonna End



On one of those days when I was overwhelmed with grief that the humankind, whom we glorified for its advancement and technological feats, failed to ensure freedoms, gender equality and individual rights, and was too blind to see that it would not leave a habitable world to its posterity while guilty for the extinction of many species, and instead continued to worship power and money, I was asked to write and sing a song that would express the 17 fundamental problems of the world awaiting urgent solutions.


Since the day I chose making music as the only means of expressing myself, the thought of being able to change things and help people via lyrics, a song, or my voice has been the most valuable feeling that makes me appreciate life.


For this reason, I’m thankful to Emre Kula and Serdar Erener for sharing this dream with me.


I do hope this song, which UNDP and we unrelentingly created under the circumstances of a once-in-a-century pandemic, gives us all a hope for the future and makes a difference however small it may be.


Sertab Erener 

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